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Eyeska leverages the power of blockchain technology to create innovative financial tools and solutions to the ever-changing demands of our interconnected world. Built with scalability, speed, and intuitiveness in mind, Eyeska’s very own blockchain technology, Eyeska “O” Block, boasts a processing speed of 1 million transactions per second that eclipses that of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and even mainstream payment networks like VISA. With an infinitely scalable network infrastructure, Eyeska promises to be a sustainable, convenient, and powerful alternative to current digital payment systems and mainstream financial services.

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Eyeska "O" Block

The Community

The Eyeska Community empowers users to participate in discussions that improving the ecosystem and ultimately decide its future. Key issues will be decided via a voting process and every member will be entitled to one vote, regardless of the number of tokens that he/she possesses. Participation in the platform is open to all members of the community.

Road Map

Eyeska will NOT create a silo of solutions to answer user concerns on security, financial exclusion, financial policies, trade complexity, ease of use, and transaction costs. Instead, Eyeska will harness an ecosystem which offers simplicity, real-time experience, integrated assets, and complete facilities for stakeholders, and oneness with community of users.

Phase 1: We have arrived!
  • Website launch
  • Global Marketing to Spread Eyeska
  • 10K Community Members
  • Community Members Across the Globe
  • Eyeska Meme Development
  • Paper Release
  • Arrival of Eyeska
  • Global Merchant Registration
  • Cardless ATM Design
Phase 2: Having Fun While Getting Serious
  • Third-Party Audit
  • Fair Launch to Global Community
  • Listing on Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko
  • 50K Wallet Holders
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Airdrop #1
  • Videos from and by the Community
  • 60K Community Members
  • 10M Market Cap
  • 30K Merchants
  • $20K Donation to Charity
Phase 3: More Fun While Getting More Serious
  • EoB Development
  • NoPass Development
  • M-Connect Development
  • Ex Platform Development
  • 130K Wallet Holders
  • 120K community members
  • Airdrop #2
  • Eyeska Community Fun Club
  • Listing on Major CEX
  • More Memes from and by the Community
  • More Videos from and by the community
  • Airdrop #3
  • 300M Market Cap
  • 150K Merchants
  • $250K Donation to Charity
Phase 4: Preparations for Moon Landing and Fun, Fun, Fun!
  • 300K Wallet Holders!
  • Non-stop Global Campaign
  • More and More Memes
  • EoB Testing & Security Audit
  • NoPass Testing & Security Audit
  • EXDEX Platform Testing & Security Audit
  • M Connect Testing & Security Audit
  • Cardless ATMs Global Distribution
  • 1B MarketCap
  • 300K Global Merchants and Growing
  • $300K Donations to Charity
Phase 5: To the Moon! Wow, Too Much Fun!
  • 600K+ Wallet Holders
  • 1M Global Merchants
  • EoB MainNet Release
  • NoPass Release
  • EXDEX Platform Release
  • M Connect Release
  • 20B Market Cap
  • Global Memes
  • $1M Donation to Charity
  • Global Community Tree Planting to Save Mother Earth
  • Eyeska (YES) for Shopping Globally
Phase 6. Huston, we have landed!
  • 1M Wallet Holders
  • 100B Market Cap
  • DEX Loan Release to Empower Community Businesses
  • 250B Market Cap First Community Meet-up
  • 600B Market Cap Biggest Community Fun Run
  • 1T Market Cap
  • More DEX Loan Releases to Help Community Businesses Globally
  • More Community Tree Planting Activities to Save Mother Earth



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White Paper

Eyeska offers a blockchain-based open-source and integrated suite of solutions for faster, easier, and less expensive transactions.

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Audit Report

Eyeska is committed to ensuring the project is and continues to be viable and sustainable to all

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Risk Factors

Eyeska encourages everyone to do their own research before participating and supporting the project.

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Eyeska YES

The YES, a 100% decentralized community-driven token, is the standardized utility token within the Eyeska ecosystem

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Eyeska support teams are always available to help you through in all questions

or email us at: info@eyeska.org

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